About Us

The Academy

Stansted Airport Employment and Skills Academy is under London Stansted Airport’s direct management and delivered in partnership with Harlow College. Due to the specific and growing need for suitable candidates within the Essex area we have developed a new strategy to reach this defined target applicant. We offer comprehensive recruitment services, including an optimised website and various social media links, enabling you to efficiently promote your employment opportunities.

Stansted Airport’s dedicated Employment and Skills Academy team are here to help develop the skills and confidence of those seeking a career at Stansted. Our pre-employment training programme provides job seekers with an opportunity to effectively learn and gain some of the key skills needed by our on-site employers. We offer brand new, purpose-built training courses to generate and support the next generation of aviation professionals, ensuring that the training programmes delivered at the Academy directly reflect the skills needed by the on-site business partners and unlock the potential of every employee. The Academy team will continue to work with a variety of different customers, trainees, stakeholders and partners to guarantee this venture offers the personalised services in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.